Bulk email still works like magic – probably still the Cheapest way to Drive Targeted Traffic to any B2B Business (Step by Step Guide)

I know you’re struggling to get more sales and leads..

Even if you’ve cracked Facebook & Google Ads, SEO, Content marketing, Youtube, webinars or podcasts.. but after a point they’ve all ended up either becoming over your budget, a huge drain of your time or simply to slow a process to reach your sales targets.

The question becomes, how to find a steady source of Leads & Sales that is Cheap, Scalable and Highly Targeted.

After being in the industry for about 15 years now, I can say with full responsibility – that ‘Bulk Mailing’ is that ultimate traffic hack for B2B businesses!

Yes, it doesn’t work for all types of businesses.. but if you’re a Consultant, a B2B solutions provider, a SAAS solutions of any capacityit works like magic.

I will share a quick story with you and share the complete strategy break down of how we stumbled upon this method that ended up generating $800K in revenue in 2 months and millions of dollars for 100s of companies over the last few years.

Back in 2017, we were stuck.. our company was about to shut down and we were left with no money, no real prospects and no time to execute on a new plan.

So, what do you do when you have $500 left and tasked with a challenge to save a failing company? Well that was the situation and this is how we saved the company and came out with a winning strategy that has now helped 100s of companies generate millions of dollars in sales.

It was through ‘Cold Email Marketing’!

The product was an enterprise solution for Real Estate Agencies, priced at $300 + $500 worth of additional backend services.

We ended up generating $800,000 in revenue in less than 3 months.

Here’s how we did it..

You might be wondering.. Bulk Mailing is such an old school unsexy, spammy tactic.. it has no relevance in the world of social media and chat apps.. Well I cannot agree more, but the difference is this..

95% of Business communications still happen over emails!

and that is why this marketing hack still works like a charm.


9 reasons why Bulk Mailing is the #1 Growth Hack for B2B businesses..

#1. 95% Business communication still happens over email! – not Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

#2. Business professionals check their emails more often than their social media accounts – ask yourself!

#3. Bulk mailing is 90% cheaper than all other internet marketing methods – we do them all, but there’s nothing cheaper than Bulk Mailing

#4. Bulk Mailing can be HIGHLY targeted – to the point of targeting people based on interest, location, profiles (10X better than Facebook, Google & Linkedin Ads)

#5. Bulk Mailing is one of the most scalable marketing methods – unlike Ad campaigns where scaling usually results in a a growing ad spend with declining conversion rate, Bulk Mailing can be scaled to large audience at the same cost

#6. Bulk mailing could be used to for a wide variety of sales activities – build Interest, introduce new products, generate leads & sales, build relationships and stay in the mind of your consumers without a marketing team or a host of expensive tools

#7. Bulk mailing allows you to collect advanced user data and Data is everything when it comes to marketing. Track your audience’s interests, triggers, pain points in a much better way by analysing their Open/Click/Time spent behaviour

#8. Bulk Mailing requires only One time setup. Once you’ve a working email campaign, you’ve a fully automated Client Acquisition System in place. No more work to do. Keep feeding your campaign with new ‘Email Lists’ and hitting ‘Send’ every couple of days, and see new clients flowing into your business

#9. Bulk Mailing works for all product sizes equally well, be it a $20 software or a $2 Million Luxury Home

Bottom lime : it’s still one of the best Marketing strategies for B2B businesses! and it’s heavily under used and talked about.

So, back to how we generated $800K in 3 short months. Here’s the exact steps we have used…

Step 1 – Having a winning product/service proven to convert!

Step 2 – Have a well defined Prospect profile. (Eg. Real Estate brokers in Top Metro cities in USA)

Step 3 – Setting up a campaign with a killer Intro email

Step 4 – Scraping Highly Targeted Fresh leads (Scraping fresh leads is way more profitable than using old Databases)

Step 5 – Run the email campaign at least 5 times (re-sending to people who has not opened even once)

Step 6 – Followup with a personal email with all Opened & Clicked Email subscribers and offer a good deal

Step 7 – Make bank!!

Additional steps to make even more profits..

Step 8 – Put all highly filtered email list in an Autoresponder drip feed using MailShake

Step 9 – Convert warm leads into sales over time!

Step 10 – Scale your campaign by optimising your email, website and investing in scraping more leads!

That’s it!

I can already here you say, all this sounds good in theory – but emails don’t land in prospect’s Inbox, how can this work?

I hear you.. it’s true that Inboxing rate is only about 2-5% for Large Email campaigns of 500K to 1 Million Lists, and 5 – 10% for smaller Lists like 50 – 100K

But here’s the Math:

100K Email Lists

Cost of sending 100K emails : $100

But the trick is to send the same lists multiple times, say you send the same list 5 times over a period of 1 month.

Total email sending cost : $100 X 5 = $500

Accumulative Open Rate = 10% (i.e. 10,000 opens)

Let’s assume, Conversion Rate is only

1% for High ticket Service (i.e. 100 new customers)

2% for Mid ticket Service (i.e. 200 new customers)

5% for Low ticket service (i.e. 500 new customers)

So, even after taking the lowest Inboxing, Open & Conversion rates you’ll still end up getting 100-500 new customers.

What was the total cost of that? $500 Only!

Now, let’s say you don’t have an email list and you buy or spend money to scrape 100K emails, it will cost you around $2000.

Grand Total Investment would be : $500 (Email sending cost) + $2000 (Email Scraping) = $2,500

You invest $250 to get 10 New Clients!

In comparison, let’s say you invest the $2500 in Adwords.

At $2 CPC, you end up getting 1250 Clicks.

Let’s consider the conversion rate of Adwords Campaign is Double than that of the Bulk Mailing Campaign (that’s never the case though)

This is how

2% for High ticket Service (i.e. 25 new customers)

4% for Mid ticket Service (i.e. 50 new customers)

10% for Low ticket service (i.e. 125 new customers)

The ROI from a a Bulk Mailing Campaign would be almost 4X compared to Adwords, which is arguably the best quality traffic compared to Facebook, Linkedin, Content marketing and so on.

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