Attention, Email Pros: Want to Present at Litmus Live 2022?

We’re looking for email pros with presentation experience to share insights, top tips and answer live questions from the email community at Litmus Live 2022. This year’s premier email marketing event is fully virtual on October 25th and 26th (8am to 5pm CT). That means you can share your best ideas about all things email, straight from the comfort of your home or office!

What topics will Litmus Live 2022 speakers cover?

The theme of Litmus Live 2022 is Email, Elevated—and we’ll be talking about ALL the things taking email to the next level.

Litmus Live workshops and sessions are so valuable that 96% of attendees said they’d attend Litmus Live again, and 99% would recommend Litmus Live.

We at Litmus know our email community is full of the talent that will garner that same response this year! Litmus Live presenters come from every facet of email marketing—including email designers, developers, marketing strategists and leaders, senior marketing leadership, and consultants.

If you’ve got knowledge to share on a topic related to any of these ideas and some presentation chops, we’d love to hear from you:

  • Accessibility and inclusion
  • Campaign measurement, management and testing
  • Data and privacy
  • Email building, design & development
  • Email campaign and marketing strategy
  • Email/marketing careers, professional development
  • Email deliverability
  • Email testing
  • Email industry challenges, opportunities and changes
  • Interactivity and AMP
  • Marketing performance, measurement, reporting
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Personalization
  • Subscriber and customer experience

Need some inspiration, or curious what kind of email pros have presented at Litmus Live in the past? Check out this day one recap of Litmus Live 2021, and explore the top takeaways from the second day of Litmus Live 2021 here.

What’s the commitment to be a Litmus Live speaker?

We want your experience presenting at Litmus Live 2022 to be a positive one that doesn’t create even more work in your busy life! If you’re selected as a speaker, we simply ask that you:

  • Prepare a 30 minute session (with accompanying visuals/decks) on your approved topic
  • Present your 30 minute session on your approved topic live
  • Connect with attendees in a 30 minute Q&A during your session

What do you get for being a Litmus Live speaker?

  • Complimentary Litmus Live MAX ticket (a $299 value) that gives you access to all of Litmus Live 2022, plus on-demand access to all Litmus Live 2022 AND Litmus Live 2021 sessions for 12 months
  • Full networking opportunities and the chance to connect with fellow email pros
  • An opportunity to be a featured thought leader at the premier email marketing conference of the year
  • Access to your session’s opt-in attendee list
  • Exclusive Litmus swag

Quick tips for a seamless Litmus Live speaker submission

Want to throw your hat in the ring to be a presenter at Litmus Live 2022? We can’t wait to hear your ideas and submissions!

Choose a topic that’s focused, actionable—and not a sales pitch.

Litmus Live is an inclusive learning space for speakers and attendees about all things related to email marketing, and of relevance to the email community. But it’s not a place to sell or pitch your company. Attendees want to hear about your real-life stories, experiences, and learnings. Submissions that include a pitch for your company or service will not be considered. Generally, Litmus Live sessions run for 30 minutes. Over the years, the best talks have offered actionable tips, practical takeaways, and inspiration.

Shoot a 90-second video to support your submission

Show us what we can expect from your presentation with a 90-second video. Don’t worry about the production value; the camera on your phone or your webcam works just fine. Use a free service like Wistia, Vimeo, or YouTube to post the video online. In your video, tell us:

  • Your topic
  • Why you’re excited about it
  • Key takeaways and “aha” insights your presentation will offer Litmus Live attendees
  • Why you’re the best person to present on your topic

Save often!
When you enter our Litmus Live speaker submission site, please know that the form doesn’t automatically save your progress. We recommend visiting the form and noting the fields, pulling your proposal together in a separate document, and pasting the information back.

You can view the form and submit as many proposals as you’d like! If you’re submitting more than one idea, you’ll need to fill out a separate form for each.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Submit your proposal here by July 15th, 2022!


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