Digital Marketing: The Journey from Online Visitors to Loyal Customers

High-resolution photos – High-quality photos are equivalent to the virtual real-life feel of a product. Customers can see, feel and compare the product before purchasing. Like this, you can help your visitors to buy quality products. Therefore, they will come to you again. • Leverage live chat – Live chat is an effective tool for e-commerce owners. It helps them understand the needs, wants, and concerns of customers. A few years ago, online customers had limited sources of information. The only ways to know brands were FAQs and product descriptions. There was a lack of trust and credibility. Many visitors used to end up leaving sites and never return. Also, if customers had any issues and concerns about the product, they had to wait for days to get on the phone with customer service. Live chat has changed the meaning of customer care. It is no more just offering solutions to the problems but building personal connections with customers. It focuses on a personalized approach, which enhances the customer experience. • Encourage loyalty with reward programs – When we talk about rewards, it could be gestures like a thank you message or follow-up to your customer complaint. On the other hand, you can also reward your customer loyalty with vouchers, coupons, discounts, etc. These things add value to customers’ shopping experience, which further fosters goodwill and loyalty. • Creating engaging and unique content – Another way to keep your customers coming back to your website is by providing them with fresh and informative content. Please remember, your brand can offer more than products and services. Today, online users appreciate websites that deal with multiple solutions. So, be what your customers want you to be. • Make contacting you accessible – One thing that frustrates online users is to dig up websites to get the contact information of businesses. Whether it is an email address, phone number, etc. make sure it is easy to find. In addition to this, customers go back to companies that offer personalized responses to their queries. It incites a sense in your customers of being valued for their time and investment.

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