How to Use Content Amplification to Reach More of Your Target Audience

How to Use Content Amplification to Reach More of Your Target Audience

You’ve written killer content on topics that are relevant to your audience. They’re SEO-optimized, engaging, and unique. But, you’re still not seeing growth in organic website traffic.

In fact, it seems like nobody is reading the content you have worked so hard to produce at all.

What gives?

You see, while great content can certainly have a positive impact on your brand for those who read it, it doesn’t, unfortunately, amplify itself. And without proper amplification, it’ll likely get lost in the void after it has been published (after all, 7.5 million blog posts are published every single day).

And content that has no visibility means low views, low engagement, and low traffic. Hardly the ROI you were looking for.

The sad fact is that even the best-written content will only get seen by a small group of people if it isn’t amplified. To illustrate this point, in a study by BuzzSumo, they found that 85% of all content gets less than 10 shares.

Less than 10.

To add to that, in a study done by Backlinko, they found that 94% of blog content gets no links at all. And most of the 6% that do, get just 1.

And finally, to really hammer the message home, according to an ahrefs study, 91% of all content gets ZERO Google traffic.


So, while there’s always the possibility that the next piece of content you create will catch fire and go viral, you’re betting against the house if that’s your strategy.

What’s that saying about the house and winning? You get the point.

But before you start to panic as you consider how anyone is going to see, never mind engage with your content, there is a solution.

Content amplification.

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